Midwest Vegetable Production Guide
for Commercial Growers 2014 (ID-56)

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Complete Guide (as PDF 5.9 MB in 210 pages) Last Updated: December 5, 2013 (see change history)

Reference Information

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Crop Recommendations

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What's New in 2014? Asparagus, Herbicide Management Table
State Extension Educators Cole Crops, Herbicide Management Table
Soils and Fertility Cucurbits, Product/Disease Rating Table
Soil Testing Cucurbits, Herbicide Management Table
Macronutrients or Primary Nutrients Fruiting Vegetables, Product/Disease Rating Table
Petiole Sap Testing Fruiting Vegetables, Herbicide Management Table
Fertilizer and the Environment Leafy Vegetables, Herbicide Management Table
Fertilizer Application Methods Legumes, Herbicide Management Table
Liming and Soil pH Garlic, Onions, and Leeks, Herbicide Management Table
Chemigation Management Potatoes, Herbicide Management Table
Organic Matter and Cover Crops Root Crops: Beet, Carrot, Horseradish, Radish, and Turnip, Herbicide Management Table
Transplants Sweet Corn, Herbicide Management Table
Transplant Production
Transplant Containers Asian Vegetables
Seeding and Growing Asparagus
Diseases Basil
Seed Treatments Beet
Irrigation, Mulches, Frost Controls Broccoli
Using Plastic Mulch Brussels Sprouts
Irrigation and Water Management Cabbage
Frost Control Cantaloupe
Pollination Carrot
Bees and Pollination Cauliflower
Time from Pollination to Market Maturity Collards
Pesticide Information and Safety Cowpea
Precautions with Pesticides Cucumber
Handling Pesticides Dry Bean
Reduced-risk/Biopesticides Eggplant
Pesticide Record-Keeping Form Endive
Organic Vegetable Production Garlic
Production Tables Herbs
Yields of Vegetable Crops Kale
Postharvest Handling and Storage Life Leek
Conversions for Liquid Pesticides Lettuce (Head and Leaf)
Germination and Growing Guide Lima Bean
Pesticide Use in Greenhouses and High Tunnels Mint (Peppermint and Spearmint)
Using a Plant Diagnostic Lab Mustard
Farm Labor Law Information Okra
On-farm Food Safety Onion (Bulb and Green)
Insect Management Parsley
Insect Management Strategies Parsnip
PHIs and REIs for Insecticides Pea
Common Names of Registered Insecticides Pepper
Plant Parasitic Nematode Management Strategies Potato
Weed Management Pumpkin
Weed Management Strategies Radish
Herbicide Effectiveness Rhubarb
PHIs and REIs for Herbicides Snap Bean
Common Names of Registered Herbicides Spinach
Disease Management Squash
Disease Management Strategies Sweet Corn
PHIs and REIs for Fungicides Sweet Potato
Common Names of Registered Fungicides Tomato
Fungicide Resistance Management Turnip
Disease Management with the MELCAST System Turnip Greens
Slug and Snail Control Watermelon
Photos of Pests and Problems

Change History

Date Section(s) Change Description
4/02/14 Cucurbits Merivon® was added for use on multiple diseases on pages 93-104.
4/02/14 Fruiting Vegetables Priaxor® was added for use on multiple diseases on pages 121-125.
4/02/14 Legumes Priaxor® was added for use on multiple diseases on pages 146-147.
4/02/14 Dry Bulb and Green Bunching Onion, Garlic, and Leek Merivon® was added for use Alternaria purple blotch and Botrytis leaf blight (all onion types), and on downy mildew on page 161.
4/02/14 Sweet Corn Priaxor® was added for use on several diseases on page 188.
2/13/14 Cucurbits A watermelon variety resistance to Fusarium wilt was changed on page 97. Proline® was added for use on Fusarium wilt in watermelon on page 103.
2/13/14 Fruiting Vegetables The rate for Fontelis® was updated for Botrytis gray mold and early blight and Septoria leaf blight on page 123.
12/5/13 All Initial release for 2014.

Photos by the contributors, Brian Christie, Mike Kerper, John Obermeyer, and Elizabeth Wuerffel

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