Purdue Integrated Weed Management Annual Research Report

2002   Plant Index
2004   Herbicide Index


Agronomy Center for Research and Education (ACRE)
  Soybean 063 Fall Applied No-Till Soybean Hebicide Evaluation
  Corn 064 Fall Applied No-Till Corn Trial
    070 Roundup Ready Alfalfa System vs. Conventional
    072 Winter Annual Burndown and Summer Residual Study in No-Till Corn
Pinney Purdue Agricultural Center (PPAC)
  Soybean 065 Fall Applied Soybean Herbicide Evaluation
    073 Evaluation of Lumax and Lexar in Glyphosate Tolerant Corn Systems With COI
Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center (SEPAC)
  Corn 067 Fall Applied No-Till Corn Trial
  Soybean 068 Fall Applied Soybean Herbicide Evaluation
    069 Fall Applied No-Till Soybean Herbicide Evaluation
  Wheat 066 Efficacy of Fall and Spring Applied Treatments on Clearfield Winter Wheat
    074 Gramoxone Inteon No-Till Corn Burndown Univeristy COI Program
    075 Burndown Programs in LL Soybean
    076 No-till Roundup Ready Soybean Efficacy Study, Sales and Marketing Support
Throckmorton Purdue Agricultural Center (TPAC)
    071 No-till Roundup Ready Soybean Efficacy Study
    077 Roundup Ready Corn Selection Pressure Study
    078 Fusilade: Volunteer GT Corn Control in Soybeans
    079 The Effect of Cumulative Stresses on Corn Yield
    080 Residual Herbicide Rate and Timing Study in RR Corn
    081 Non-GT Corn Weed Management Programs - Southern Corn Belt
    082 Control of Giant Ragweed in Roundup Ready Soybean
    083 BAS 799 (Status) Crop Tolerance Evaluations:Corn

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