Purdue Integrated Weed Management Annual Research Report

2002   Plant Index
2004   Herbicide Index


Romney Indiana
  Corn 109 Halex GT University Weed Control and Yield in Glyphosate Tolerant Corn - North
  Soybean 112 PRE Weed Management Strategy That Supports RR Soybean
    113 Effect of Superb HC and Destiny HC on Performance of Flexstar and Cobra Tannk Mixed with Glyphosate
Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center (SEPAC)
  Corn 111 Corvus and Balance Applied PRE and Early Post Crop For a One Pass Weed Control program in Corn.
  Soybean 114 Preplant Burndown Efficacy and Tolerance with BAS800
Throckmorton Purdue Agricultural Center (TPAC)
  Corn 115 Evaluate The Effictiveness of Callisto, Laudis and Impact Alone and Tank Mixed With Atrazine and/or Glyphosate on Various Weed Species.
    116 PRE Herbicide Efficacy in Corn With Roundup or Ignite POST Treatments
    117 Performance of Harness and Degree Applied Mid-POST to Corn
    118 BAS800 PRE Tank Mix Optimization
    119 Dimethenamid Efficacy PRE With POST vs POST Only in Corn and Glyfos X-tra and Metribuzin Applied as a Burndown to Corn
    120 Roundup Ready System Rates in Corn
  Soybean 121 Tackle Used as a Burndown Prior to Planting and POST Weeds
    122 Prefix vs Competitive Foundation Rates in Soybean
    123 BASF Soybean Residual Treatments Followed By Glyphosate vs Glyphosate POST in Soybeans and Cheminova CHA-610 vs Flexstar Applied POST to Soybean
    124 Spring Burndown Programs From Valent, Cheminova and FMC

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