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Abbreviations that can be found in Tom Bauman's Research Reports.

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Plant Abbreviations



Abutilon theophrasti

AMARE Pigweed Amaranthus spp.  
AMBTR Giant ragweed Ambrosia trifida  
CHEAL Com. lambsquarters
Chenopodium album  
DATST Jimsonweed Datura stramonium  
ECHCG Barnyardgrass Echinochloa crus-galli  
ERICA Marestail Conyza canadensis  
GGGGG Grass mixture Various  
HIBTR Venice Mallow Hibiscus trionum  
IPOHE Ivyleaf morningglory Ipomoea hederacea  
MXDSP Mixed weed species Various  
PANDI Fall Panicum Panicum dichotomiflorum  
POLSS Smartweed species Polygonum spp.  
SETSS Foxtail species Seteria spp.  
SETFA Giant foxtail Seteria faberi  
SIDSP Prickly sida Sida spinosa  
SIYAN Burcucumber    
SOLPT Eastern Black Nightshade Solanum ptycanthum  
STEME Common chickweed Stellaria media  
TAROF Dandelion Taraxacum officinale  
XANST Common cocklebur Xanthium strumariuum  


Crop Injury Abbreviations
CHL Chlorosis  
CON Control  
CVR Canopy Cover  
DTASS Delayed tasseling  
FLASH Flashing of chlorosis  
HT Height  
LODGE Lodging  
LMALF Leaf malformaiton  
LMALF# Plants with malformed leaves  
LMALFS leaf malformation severity  
LPUCK leaf puckering  
NEC foliar necrosis  
PMALF plant malformation  
STD crop stand  
STD CT stand count  
STRED stand reduction  
STUNT stunting  
SMALF Stem malformation  
SPECKL Leaf speckling  
PURPLE Purpling  
RMALF Brace Root Malfomation  
TWIST Twisting  
WHITE Bleaching of leaves  
YLD Crop Yield  


Methods of Applicaiton   Rate Units
EP early postemergence   GAH grams active/hectar
EEP early early postemergence   GMM grams material/100 meters of row
EPP early preplant   LAA pounds active/acre
DPRE delayed preemergence   LMA pounds material/acre
FURROW in furrow   PMA pints material/acre
LEP late early postemergence   PMG pounds material/100 gallons
LP late postemergence   PMV percent material/volume
MP mid postemergence   QMA quarts material/acre
POST postemergence      
PPI preplant incorporated      
PRE preemergence      
T-BAND t-band